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Underfloor heating

How it works

Underfloor heating works by pumping controlled flows of warm water from a boiler, or other heat source, through plastic tubing embedded in the floor. Because the emitting area is large, the warmth provided is quite sufficient even on a cold winter day without the need for any extra heat source. This method is well suited to all normal floor types solid or timber. There is a wide freedom of choice of floor coverings.

Comfortable living

Warm water underfloor heating provides a kind of warmth that is more natural and more comfortable than that of radiators. It makes no intrusion on room space and saves on fuel and maintenance costs.

Because our systems are designed into zones, control over the heating of individual rooms is maintained which means bedrooms do not become too hot and uncomfortable.

Health and Safety Benefits

A Future energy warm water underfloor heating system offers a number of significant health and safety benefits when compared with a radiator system.

The way in which a radiator system transmits heat is via convection, which by it's very nature creates a circulation of dust within a room. With a Future Energy system the warmth is transmitted by radiation which reduces the amount of circulation so that the air that you breathe is cleaner and less allergenic. Cleaner air can be of major benefit to people with respiratory problems.

The radiated warmth of a Future Energy system can also be beneficial for people who suffer from circulatory conditions such as Raynauds. The gentle, even heat and low humidity variations create a kinder environment for everyone.

From a safety perspective, removing a high temperature radiator is a major advantage as it reduces the risk to children and the elderly from accidentally touching or falling against the hot sharp surfaces.


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