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Wood Chip Heating Systems

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wood chip boilerModern automated wood chip heating systems are extremely efficient and user friendly. Future Energy Services use unrivalled experience to provide practical wood chip heating solutions from the all-important design stage through to installation and co-ordination of ongoing fuel supply, for small and large scale projects.

For those with access to a local wood chip fuel supplier, or with their own supply, wood chip heating can be extremely cost effective. Wood chip fuel production transforms low value timber wood chip boilerproducts into a valuable energy source, benefiting rural economies while making substantial savings against fossil fuels.

We provide state of the art wood chip/pellet heating technology with incredible levels of user friendliness and efficiencies.

Standard features include auto ignition, auto de-ashing, auto cleaning of heating exchangers, lambda combustion control, induced draft, remote monitoring via modem, and modular controls with facility to control heat storage tank, heating and domestic hot water circuits.

Log Heating Systems

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log heating boilerModern log fired boilers are clean, highly efficient and require minimal maintenance, functioning as part of an integrated heating system which can provide programmable weather compensating heating controls and automated changeover to a standby boiler.

The most common application for log heating systems are domestic premises with a ready supply of fuel, resulting in large savings in heating costs.

Future Energy Services provide complete packaged log heating systems including boiler, heat storage accumulator tanks and controls. Controls include facility to control heat storage tanks, heating and domestic hot water circuits and standby boiler.

The Froeling FHG 3000 range supplied by Future Energy Services represents the state of the art in log heating systems, with the following features ensuring high levels of user comfort and incredible efficiencies: (up to 92%)

  • Induced draft fan for smoke free, easy lighting and operation
  • Dual block system - combustion and heat exchanger are completely separate
  • Heat exchanger cleaning mechanism
  • Patented high-temperature vortex chamber
  • All-round full insulation, extremely low radiation losses

Pellet Heating Systems

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Pellet boilerWith oil prices rising, wood pellets, along with other forms of wood heating, are becoming an increasingly important alternative heating source. Pellet boilers are available in a range of outputs, for both domestic and commercial premises, and combine cost effectiveness with the high levels of convenience. With a variety of storage and infeed solutions available, up to one year's pellet storage can be created on site.

Future Energy Services provide a range of advanced pellet heating systems including the following features:

  • Auto Ignition
  • Induced draft
  • Auto cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Extremely efficient combustion controls
  • Very low maintenance and cleaning requirements
  • Modular heating controls


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