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Air source heat pumps

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Up to £900.00 grants available for Air Source Heat Pump installations!

Where the use of ground source heat pumps have been considered but are deemed to be inappropriate, an air source heat pump may well be the answer. The only space requirement is an outside wall making them ideal for apartments and homes with limited outside space. With no need for groundworks, installation costs are kept to a minimum.

air source heat pumpAir source heat pumps work by converting the energy of the outside air into heat, creating a comfortable temperature inside the house as well as supplying energy for the hot water system. As with all heat pumps, air source models are most efficient when supplying low temperature systems such as underfloor heating.

The efficiency of an air source heat pump is measured in Coefficient of Performance (CoP). A CoP of 4 means that for every kilowatt of electricity put in, you get 4 kilowatts of energy in the form of warm water. Air Source Heat Pumps are very versatile and can be docked to a wide range of heating systems meaning they are well suited to fitting in to existing buildings.

An air source heat pump should cover the heating requirements of a well-insulated property in all but the most extreme conditions. When used in combination with an immersion heater both heating and hot water needs should be met, the immersion heater boosting water temperatures when necessary. An outside air source heat pump working efficiently can reduce energy consumption for heating by up to 50% when compared to conventional heating systems.

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

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heat pumpsThe exhaust air heat pump unit extracts air via ductwork connected to the warm areas of the building such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. Heat is removed from the air and transferred into the heat pump's refrigerant circuit before being discharged to the outside.

The vapour compression cycle of the heat pump then raises the temperature of the refrigerant and transfers the heat into a water based system that can either warm the domestic hot water or heat the building.

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps are ideally suited to new buildings that suffer from a lack of ventilation due to the new building regulations. These pumps ensure that fresh air is circulated into the house and heated using the heat that has been recovered from the warm areas of the house. This ensures a healthy living environment where breathing problems are reduced in addition to great Carbon emission savings.




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